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The Interview – Graphic Novel Review

The Interview by author Manuele Fior

The Interview by Manuele Fior is an unusual science fiction graphic novel that likely has different intentions than my interpretation. It’s a pencil drawn, self contained graphic novel that at least actually has an ending. As in, it’s not just a ploy to get me to buy additional books.

The story is structured around an interview being performed with the bulk of the book told as a flashback. Even though the interview is with the female protagonist most of the story revolves around her male counterpart in the past.

He is a psychologist on the edge of divorce who starts to see strange triangles in the sky. He meets with a new patient, the female protagonist, who says the triangles are from alien life. She wants to let him in on the truth.

She also belongs to a strange polyamorous sex cult which intrigues the much older psychologist. They begin their affair which revitalizes the older man.

Through this affair and the whole triangle thing humanity evolves into a new phase of existence. It is then, more than 100 years later, that the woman gets interviewed. She was part of when it happened and has since become the world’s leading expert on alien life.

Although this event changes the entire world and every living thing she has instead chosen to recount her brief affair with an older man who was her doctor and who ended up going back to his wife to beg for forgiveness.

Despite appearing to enjoy her non-monogomous lifestyle before meeting the psychologist she recounts this affair, full of the man being jealous and demanding she only see him, with fondness, love, and loss.

I think the author intends for The Interview to be about the power of love to change the world. I see something else.

I see a male fantasy of tearing a young female away from her depraved lifestyle, giving that up to be with him and him alone. Then throwing her aside when he realizes it’s not sustainable and he can’t keep up. So he goes back to his predictable wife and expects her to not be independent enough to leave him after he cheats on her.

Yet the young woman never forgets him. She’ll tell the story of their great romance for the rest of her life despite becoming extremely educated and successful in her field. The most important goal she ever acheived was having sex with an ugly old man.

Boo! Hiss! Fuck off with that! You know what? I originally gave this 2/5 but I’ve changed my mind. 1 triangle. There.

Women are more than the sum of their partners.

1/5 triangles 🔺️

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